Woven Thread Pavilion // Pavilion

Woven Thread Pavilion // Pavilion

Client : DuPont Corian

Location : Mumbai

Type : Pavilion

Status : Completed

The idea is to interlace nature and architecture, enabling the design of hybridized, biological structures. The weave system is not based on elastic components used in traditional weaving technologies but using rigid thermoformed components to create a structural self-standing assembly. In this process investigating nature is design research. And, the overall aim is to create new architectural species incorporating natural attributes ordered in performance, materials, digital technology and form. The "Woven Thread Pavilion" deploys DuPont Corian “Deep Color Technology” material to weave a set of sinuous lines to create the pavilion design. The Pavilion design comprises of 4 nos modules and can be incrementally grown based on user requirements. The Pavilion could potentially host a number of activities and events, both active and passive in nature based on the constraints of the module size. The design process includes digital design tools and digital fabrication processes including CNC milling, creation of mould designs and thermoforming to complete the complex assembly. The design system is structural and supports its self-weight.  Approx. 685 RFT of 30mm wide strips, 12mm thick DuPont Corian Material was used to create this sinuous Pavilion Design.