PJI School

PJI School

Client : AKESI

Location : Warangal, A.P.

Type : Educational

Status : Completed

A building and a city can never be considered independent of one another, any more than the individual of a society. The design process was hypnotically drawn towards the initial first-hand experience of the historical Warangal Fort citadel built in the 17th century, in close proximity to the site as a point of departure. Contextually driven, the spatial, volumetric analysis of the citadel ‘edge-condition’ in contemporary times unveiled the blurring of the spatial-definitions of the ‘container’ versus the ‘contained’. 

Within this context an attempt to reconstitute the functions of territorialism, enclosure and interfacing by means of fortified walled courtyards, voids, linear-planes and varying light-conditions have been made. The sequencing of spaces withdraws the realm of familiarity and habitual patterns of behavior that one would normally associate its inhabitants to fall into. Instead the students are confronted with an abstract composition that needs to be discovered and explored in varying degrees of space-time pedagogical related constructs. 

The formal resolution of the project deals with a linear ‘bar’ building mass punctuated with courtyard/void fortifications to harbor non-programmatic activities. The walled-courtyards are peeled away at the corners enabling connectivity to the external play-spaces and the ‘sliver-scale’ incisions in the form maintain minimal radiant exposure. The scale and density of the courtyard walls provides the micro-environment necessary for outdoor extra curricular activities as well as re-defines the traditional role of the classroom environment.