The Hut

The Hut

Client : India Design

Location : Mumbai

Type : Art

Status : Completed

According to the psychologist Carl Gustav Jung ( Jung 1981 ), archetypes arise from a common fund of human experiences ( the collective unconscious ) that uses archetypes as one of its ordering and structuring principles
The interesting aspect of Carl Jung's thesis is that archetypes have the ability to adapt to specific cultural contexts while their core semantics remain fixed.

Architecture as we experience is beyond a physical manifestation. It addresses spatial constructs at several domains. It is all of and not limited to the metaphysical, invisible, poetry, imagination, memory and many other intrinsic layers that bind the intricate / delicate relationship between humans and nature.
"The Hut" Version 1.0 is an exploration of the archetype adapted to the digital age. We associate ourselves with the archetype based on our collective unconscious and very often romanticise about the imagery associated with it.  The Digital can be seen as a universal construction material that could be accessed and processed across cultures and geographies. This allows the exploration and usage of new technologies.
The skin panels of "THE HUT" were digitally fabricated from the lightweight and easily molded material ABS, also known as acrylonitrile butadiene styriene ( used in the interior of aircrafts ). Water droplets were tested in 3D real-time environments to analyze and replicate patterns created by their viscosity, friction, surface tension properties. The forms were then injected or extruded to form the visible blob-like skin of recessed or protruding patterns.
The digital processing and production of material and technology is married to the archetype of the hut.
"The Hut" version 1.0 installation celebrates Jungian philosophy of the collective unconscious. Within these are embedded archetypes, and within these archetypes are prototypes of our existence which exist across various dimensions.  According to Jung we were born pre-wired to develop and respond to archetypes because they were part of our nature.