Protostar Pavilion

Protostar Pavilion

Client : Mercedes Benz

Location : Mumbai, Pune

Type : Pavilion

Status : Completed

The design of the “protostar” pavilion is inspired by the philosophy of the New E-Class Mercedes Benz, undoubtedly a “Master piece of Intelligence”. The iconic Mercedes Benz logo consists of a simple depiction of a three-pointed star that represents its domination of  land, sea, and air. The protostar pavilion design celebrates the evolution of Mercedes Benz across decades of innovation and cutting edge technology in space and time.

The Protostar pavilion is in its constant state of metamorphosis and is presented in a specific instance frozen in time. The design process itself challenges the conventional thinking of materials and their properties. The process embraces high-end digital design and fabrication tools from the concept design to prototyping and fabrication stage.

The project is a fully deployable structure that could be dismantled and assembled rapidly within hours. One of the constraints was that it had to be self-standing without any recourse to drilling / bolting into the existing premises. The pavilion weighs only 450 kilograms, consists of 289 components, 1440 nut and bolt connections to complete the assembly. The fabrication process is inspired by world class automobile engineering of Mercedes Benz and is “truthful” (devoid of any ornamentation) both in terms of its machine aesthetic, assemblage and structural performance. In addition, the design echoes the tri-axial geometry of the Mercedes Benz iconic symbol and rests precariously on 3 points defying gravity and embracing flight.