Client : Asian Paints Limited

Location : New Delhi

Type : Pavilion

Status : Completed

The “iTepee” is driven by the ideology of Co-Explore. Kinetic Energy is converted into Mechanical Energy. To put it simply, as one pedals away to a healthy lifestyle, energy is stored and used to power domestic appliances, in this case a domestic juicer. 

The "iTepee" is an Urban Residential Tent which can be “pitched” either indoors or outdoors incl. penthouse roof tops, gardens, open to sky spaces etc. The awareness for fitness and nutrition is on the rise in Metropolitan India. Obesity in this country is reaching epidemic proportions in the 21st century. Approx. 12-15% of the country is obese (NHFS 2007).

The "iTepee" harbours the element of fitness concurrently explored with the element of nutrition. This sets a collaborative framework for interaction at the household level. Other activities that could potentially unfold in the iTepee could be varied forms of passive recreation, yoga, meditation etc.

Colours accentuate the morphology and pattern of the iTepee. The alternating panel configuration is shaded in contrasting pastel hues to add a sense of play and dynamism to the configuration.

Pitch the iTepee in any corner to co-explore themes that could enhance a better quality of life.