Tent Hotel

Tent Hotel

Client : AIM

Location : Hengshan Mountain, China

Type : Hospitality

Status : Competition Entry

“Yin and Yang” describe how opposite or contrary forces are interconnected and interdependent in our world. The tent eco-resort manifests these synergies in structural, ecological and social domains.
Eco-Resort tent has complementary forces interacting to form a dynamic system. The deployable tent units derive their distinctive profile from the inter-dependent compression and tension vectors present in the frame and the covering fabric (flysheet). Both of them create a system in equilibrium, which also references traditional architectural forms of the region. The system is an inversion of a conventional tent where the structural members are inside and the covering exposed to the elements. In the new system the structural members are outside the enclosure and form a protective screen for the fabric covering. This arrangement also creates an unconstrained volume within the tent allowing maximum flexibility for the interior.
The tent hotel is configured to minimize environmental impact on the site with lightweight structures that promote low density tourism. Suites are perched on elevated ridges each with a large deck overlooking the sprawling plains and valleys below, ancillary functions like reception, restaurant, banquet and spa are placed amongst farms at the lower edges of the site closer to access roads.
The tent suite is light-footed concept with construction at site starting with a light sub-frame, covered with a wooden floor, all done using locally sourced materials. Specialized metal fittings and bamboo/wood logs are used to form a series of triangular portals. Members of various lengths can be used by joining them with the metal sleeve fitting. A tensile fabric is stretched under the wooden frames to form a system in equilibrium. The recyclable membrane flysheet lasts for decades, and the external structural frame helps it withstands the harshest environmental conditions. Pre-fabricated utility units with a chemical lavatory, bath area, water tank, and pantry and luggage storage provide adequate facilities for guest within the suites making it ideal for luxury high-end eco-resorts. The entire structure is dismantle able capable of mobility to a new site and leaving no permanent impact on the previous site.