Deployable Arts Pavilion

Deployable Arts Pavilion

Client : KMB

Location : Kerala

Type : Pavilion

Status : In Process

Architecture is defined by connections: the method and the material by which an assembly is developed to create enclosure. This process results in an active performative connection, one that is specific and definitive producing an architecture that can be built through iterative means. Conceived digitally, the deployable arts pavilion incorporates components that are optimized for relocation and transportation and be produced through digital fabrication technologies. The Fabrication and assembly includes 7200 structural “buttons” and 2400 “triangular panels”. The arts pavilion ad-measuring 120 Sq.M can be deployable and assembled in 72 hours. There exists a seamless integration between design and fabrication technologies.
The porosity of the structural skin system enables cross ventilation and presents an ambient micro-climatic environment. The BIM design work flow entails (a seamless workflow from design to fabrication) parametric modeling, testing for structural integrity, testing for incident solar radiation, wind-flow patterns, nesting for fabrication optimization, digital fabrication and assembly.